Why Are Polar Bears Endangered

Why Are Polar Bears Endangered

There are many problems facing polar bears today. These problems range from Global Warming to Hunting and many more



Things at the moment really aren’t great for polar bears. They face many challenges as their natural habit changes due to the effects of global warming and increasing human involvement. The lives of polar bears have already been changed by the advancing world we live in and polar bears are struggling to cope with this new world. Because of this polar bears are now classified as a vulnerable species with eight of the nineteen polar bear sub populations in decline.


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Why are polar bears endangered


There are three main issues which challenge polar bears in the modern world


  • Global Warming
  • Pollution
  • Hunting



Global Warming

Why Are Polar Bears Endangered


One of the biggest challenges faced by polar bears is how they are going to adapt to the global warming being seen in the world. While it might be easy to think that the rising temperatures are threatening the polar bears by causing them to overheat, this is not the major challenge that global warming presents to them. The worst impact global warming is having is the destruction of the habitat polar bears need to hunt and survive.


Polar bears main source of food are seals which polar bears hunt by finding them in sea ice. As global temperatures rise because of global warming this sea ice is melting earlier in the year. This means that the polar bears have less time in the year to fatten up to prepare themselves for long periods of being on land where polar bears typically struggle to find food.


This lack of food also hurts the polar bears ability to have children. As the polar bears are less well fed they tend to have less children which causes polar bears to become more vulnerable with every generation.


More problems occur with polar bear mothers being less able to build dens in the melted ice caused by the warming of the globe.






While global warming is a major challenge which is facing polar bears it is not the only challenge that they face. Polar bears also have to deal with the challenges faced by an increasingly polluted world.


Polar bears are very vulnerable to pesticides which often find their way into the oceans and the habitats in which polar bears live. They are very vulnerable because they are the dominant animal in the Arctic. Polar bears feed on the other animals in their habitat to survive. This means that they end up collecting up all the pollutants which the other animals have been exposed too. Because of this polar bears are the most highly polluted animals in the Arctic.


Polar bears are also at risk of oil pollution if there was an oil spill at one of the many oil stations now working in the Arctic. Oil spills collect around the areas of sea ice which polar bears use for hunting. The oil can damage the fur of the polar bears. This being the fur that the polar bears use to keep themselves warm. When this fur is damaged by the oil the polar bears struggle to keep warm and can die from hypothermia.


Why Are Polar Bears Endangered




Traditionally polar bears were hunted in vast quantities. This has died down recently as the world community has reacted to the vulnerability of the polar bears by banning hunting outright or installing quotas on the number of polar bears that can be hunted per year.


However the law can only help so much and much illegal hunting still takes place.


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