What Do Polar Bears Eat

What Do Polar Bears Eat

What do polar bears eat. Polar bears are the Apex predator of the Arctic. So they feed off the Arctic habitat around them


The two animals which polar bears hunt the most are


  • Ringed Seals
  • Bearded Seals


The Arctic is home to millions of seals which become the prey of the polar bears when they surface in holes in the ice in order to breathe or when the seals haul out of the ice to rest on the land.


Polar bears hunt primarily in areas known as sea ice. These areas are the areas where ice, water and air meat. Polar bears very rarely catch seals in open land, open sea or underwater.


Polar bears have an incredible sense of smell which allows them to locate a seal breathing hole. These are holes in the ice which seals use to come up to breathe.


what polar bears eatOnce a polar bear has found one they crouch nearby in complete silence until a seal appears. This method of hunting is known as still-hunting. Polar bears can wait for several hours in complete silence and stillness when waiting for a seal to appear in the breathing hole.


However seals aren’t the only animals which the polar bear eats. Polar bears also hunt walruses, beluga whales and narwhals.


Polar bears hunt walruses by often charging the group and then targeting the members of the group which have the most trouble getting away from them.


Polar bears hunt beluga whales and narwhals in a similar method to how they hunt seals. This is by swiping at them when they rise for air at a breathing hole.


Apart from pregnant female polar bears. The polar bear is active all year round. Polar bears are however capable of fasting for up to several months during the late summer and the early fall. During these periods the polar bear cannot hunt for seals because of the fact that the sea is unfrozen. Polar bears have also been seen to eat a wide variety of other wild foods. These foods include muskox, reindeer, birds, eggs, rodents and crabs.


Polar bears are highly curious and so when in areas where humans inhabit they are often seen to search through peoples garbage in search of food.


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