Polar Bear Habitat

polar bear habitat

The polar bear habitat is the Arctic. There favourite place to be is in areas of sea ice. Here they are excellent hunters



The Arctic is a polar region that is located at the northernmost part of the earth. The Arctic consists of the Arctic ocean and parts of Canada, Russia, Alaska, Denmark (Greenland), Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland.


The habitat in which polar bears thrive the most are the areas of sea ice. In these areas the polar bear excels at hunting seals and other marine animals. Polar bears often fatten up in this habitat to make up for the fact that they struggle to hunt prey purely on land or in open sea.


Areas of sea ice change as the year changes causing polar bears to migrate to follow the best hunting grounds.


The climate of the Arctic is characterised by having cold winters and cool summers. There is rain rather than snow. However snow fall is rather little over the area. The illusion of it snowing is often caused by high winds blowing around existing snow to create snow storms.


Polar bears are not alone in the Arctic and there are many other species of animals that inhabit this area. Herbivores that survive in the Arctic are the Arctic hear, lemmings, muskox and caribou. These herbivores are preyed upon by some predictors that live in the Arctic. These predictors are the snowy owl, the Arctic fox and the wolf.


Polar bears are the apex predator of the Arctic. Although the polar bears prefer to hunt marine life around the areas of ice rather than feed on the other land animals.


Other land animals that live in the Arctic are the wolverines, ermines and Arctic ground squirrels.


There are also many marine animals which inhabit this area. These marine animals are the seals, walrus and many types of whale. These whales include baleen whales, narwhals, killer whales and belugas.



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