Polar Bear Facts

Polar Bear Facts

On this page is a collection of fun polar bear facts


  • The biggest threat to polar bears today is not hunting but the effects of global warming and pollution


  • Polar bears have a black skin and their hairs are actually colourless. The fact they look white is the fact that their thick hollow hairs reflect light making them appear white


  • Polar bears like to keep themselves clean. After feeding they usually wash by taking a swim or rolling in the snow


  • Polar bears do overheat. They are perfectly adapted for the extremely cold temperatures of the Arctic. But outside of these cold temperatures polar bears have a problem of overheating


  • Polar bears are excellent swimmers. Polar bears can comfortably swim at a speed of 6 miles per hour. They use their front paws like oars while holding their back legs straight to act as a rudder as they swim.


  • Polar Bears have a excellent sense of smell. They can detect seals which are there main source of food from almost 1 km away


  • When they are first born baby polar bears weigh about the same as an adult guinea pig


  • Polar bears learn to freeze and remain still while their mother hunts.


  • Polar bears paws have pads with a rough surface which prevent them from slipping up on the ice


  • Polar Bears fur is oily. This makes it water repellent allowing the polar bear to shake themselves dry after they have finished swimming.


  • Polar bears can swim for up to 100 miles


  • Female polar bears do not start having cubs until they are about four or five years old


  • Female polar bears would also rather build their maternity dens in snow from the previous year rather than fresh snow


  • Adult male polar bears can grow to be ten feet tall and can weigh over 1400 pounds.



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