How Many Polar Bears Are Left

How Many Polar Bears Are Left

With the challenges facing polar bears due to global warming and pollution in the Arctic there numbers are dwindling. But just how many are still roaming the earth



Biologist today use a working estimate of around 20,000 to 25,000 polar bears still exist today worldwide. These polar bears are part of 19 generally recognised sub populations. From data collected by scientists they worked out that of the 19 polar bear sub populations, eight are currently declining in number, three are stable and one is increasing. For the other seven bear populations scientists do not have enough data to make any accurate prediction.


These polar bears inhabit the northern areas of Canada, Alaska, Greenland, Norway, Russia and the Arctic. The countries of Canada, Untied States (Alaska), Denmark (Greenland), Norway and Russia have signed a international agreement on the conservation of polar bears which bans many forms of polar bear hunting. Sets up a restriction on the number of polar bears that can be hunted by indigenous locals and makes each country responsible for protecting the habitats of the areas that the local polar bears inhabit.


However looking forward the numbers of polar bears are deemed to massively reduce as the area habitable by polar bears gets smaller and smaller as the world heats up. As temperatures rise the polar bear is predicted to disappear entirely from Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Norway and Russia and remain only in isolated areas of the Arctic where it is still cold enough to support a dwindling polar bear population.


It is estimated that by 2050 two-thirds of the worlds population of polar bears will have been killed off by the rising challenges of global warming and pollution. Leaving only between 6600 and 8250 polar bears inhabiting the world. This number is also predicted to continue to fall in the following decades.


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