How To Draw A Polar Bear

How To Draw A Polar Bear

There are a number of steps that need to be learned. But once learned you should be able to consistently draw a polar bear

How To Draw A Polar Bear


The beginning of any drawing process is too draw out the basic shapes of a polar bear. Start with a circle for a head with a horizontal oval to make the snout. Then two large ovals to make up the body. The head should be connected to the body with a third oval and the legs should also be made of ovals.


Using your ovals and circle as a base you can now begin to draw the outline of the polar bear. If you want to you can start with the head using the circle and the oval you drew earlier as a base.


Once you have the outline of the polar bear it is time to start adding features. For a polar bear the only real features are those of the face, such as the eyes and the ears of the polar bear. It is also important to remember to add details to the paws such as the gaps between the toes of the paw.


Once you have finished the outline and the detailing of your polar bear it is now time to add colour. As polar bears are white it might be better to think of the colouring process as more of adding shadows.


Once you have gone through all these steps you should now have your finished picture of a polar bear.


This method of sketching can also be applied to other animals. You start by making basic shapes such as circles and ovals. And then draw an outline of the animal around these circles and ovals. Then adding detail and colour once the outline has been finished. This method of drawing has been used by artists for centuries


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