All About Polar Bears

All About Polar Bears


Polar bears are a majestic animal that lives in the Arctic circle



Polar bears are large bears that inhabit the cold Arctic circle. They are the largest bears, competing with the subspecies of the brown bear known as the Kodiak bear which is similar in size. They are also known as marine bears as they spend lots of time in the water. They mainly hunt seals in areas known as sea ice. Where the sea and ice meet. They are expert hunters with an incredible sense of smell which they use to hunt their prey.


Polar bears have evolved to be perfect for the Arctic environment in which they live. They have evolved to be great at walking across snow, ice and open water. Although polar bears are born on land they spend the majority of their time out at sea. Polar bears are classified as a vulnerable species with eight of the nineteen polar bear populations currently being in decline.


The main challenges presenting polar bears today are the threats posed by global warming and pollution. Global warming is causing the melting of the ice caps and the areas of sea ice which polar bears use as their main hunting grounds. As these areas of sea ice disappear earlier in the year the hunting period available to polar bears is much smaller and so polar bears are beginning to battle malnutrition and starvation.


Pollution effects polar bears because they are the Apex predators of the Arctic circle. They feed by eating the other animals around them. because of this they are usually the end point of pollution and collect up the pollution of the animals they are eating. Oil spills also effect polar bears by preventing their fur from keeping in heat which causes the polar bears to get cold and die from hypothermia.


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