Albino Polar Bear

Albino Polar Bear

In popular culture there are many jokes about albino polar bears. But do they actually exist

While there has not yet been any reported cases of a albino polar bear they should theoretically be able to exist or have existed. As almost all species of animal are known to have albino members. However a albino polar bear would have many disadvantages in the wild.

Polar bears have black skin which helps them keep in heat. A albino polar bear would have white skin and so have trouble keeping in heat. This would effect their ability to survive in the cold Arctic environment where being able to keep yourself warm is a major part of surviving in this environment.

Albinos often sometimes suffer from poor eyesight. This would be a problem for the polar bear as it could make it harder for a polar bear to hunt. However polar bears do hunt mainly with their sense of smell so this might not be so much of a problem.

Albino polar bears could also have less UV protection. In the Arctic circle UV light is a problem and an albino polar bear would be particularly vulnerable too ultraviolet light without having anywhere it go could to hide and stay out of the sunlight.

Albinism effect many species of animal and is caused by a lack of certain pigmentations in the skin, hair and eyes. Although animals with albinism are as healthy and grow up the same as other animals of the same species, Albinism can have some effects on the survivability of the animal. Because albino animals lack camouflage they often struggle both as hunters and prey. Finding it harder to both sneak up on prey and hide themselves from hunters. Because of this animals with albinism often have quite low survival rates in nature.

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