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Polar Bear Endangered


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Polar Bears



Polar bears are large bears that inhabit the Arctic Circle. They have evolved to thrive in this very challenging habitat, however they are now struggling to survive as global warming and pollution change their natural habitat.


Polar bears are often called marine mammals. This is because they spend many months of the year out at sea. They are a unique marine mammal. Being the only marine mammal to have powerful and large limbs which allow them to cover miles on foot and even run across the Arctic ice.


The habitat of polar bears is one that continually changes. Areas of water develop as ice melts and these areas change as the year passes on. As these areas change the seals which inhabit the Arctic usually follow. The polar bears then follow the seals as these are the polar bears main source of food.


Polar bears are also unique among bears because of the fact that they are not territorial. Polar bears are natural cautious of confrontation and often choose to run rather than to fight. While polar bears generally live solitary lives the times in the polar bears life where they live in family groups they are seen to be extremely playful. This is particularly the case in polar bear cubs. Polar bears have been known to play together for hours at a time and have been observed to have had well developed friendships with other polar bears.